History of the brand’s beginnings in Brazil


Great stories always begin in the simplest of ways!


"Boticário” (apothecary) is what pharmacists used to be called, and that was the name Miguel Krigsner chose for his new compounding pharmacy, which opened its doors on 22 March 1977 in the centre of the city of Curitiba, Paraná. The idea came to him after he attended a course in Porto Alegre on the revival of compounding handmade medicinal products. These types of products offered patients personalised treatment, particularly in the area of skin care. Krigsner wanted his new shop to be more than just a pharmacy; he wanted it to be a truly pleasant place where people would feel good. So, instead of counters full of remedies, the store had a carpeted waiting room with a sofa, magazines and coffee for people to enjoy while their prescriptions were being prepared. It was the beginning of the special customer care that the brand is still known for today.


At the compounding pharmacy where the O Boticário story begins, in place of the usual pharmacy assistants, pharmacists and the owners themselves attended customers at the counter, conveying a serious, trustworthy image. Word got around in no time at all, and people started flocking to the pharmacy for its products, which had become synonymous with quality. After the success of his prescription compounding business, Krigsner began to produce products under the O Boticário brand name. He started out by whipping together creams using an extra electric mixer his sister had received as a wedding gift. Thus, the first O Boticário products were born – a moisturising cream, a shampoo and a bubble bath formulated with marine algae and the brand’s first cologne, Acqua Fresca, which is still famous today.


In 1979, with several O Boticário brand products already on the market and with that special customer care, the first shop exclusively dedicated to the brand opened at Curitiba airport. O Boticário quickly became a specialist in perfumes and cosmetics desired by people in all the other states of Brazil. Flight crews passing through Curitiba airport discovered the delights of this special store and began spreading the word and carrying O Boticário products to other parts of the country.


In a few short years, what started out as a small pharmacy had become the largest perfume and cosmetics network in the world with more than 3,600 shops in Brazil and approximately 600 points of sale in other countries.



The brand in Portugal


O Boticário opened its first shop in Portugal in the Amoreiras Shopping Center in September 1986. It was a pioneer in exclusive perfume and cosmetics shops and quickly became a well-known and beloved brand among the Portuguese, who have increasingly made it part of their daily lives.

Today, 28 years on, O Boticário has 50 stores in Portugal, over 200,000 Fans on its Facebook page and this online store, where we are very pleased to welcome you!




O Boticário is…

A brand with attitude, a brand of closeness, self-esteem, happiness and beauty that inspires beauty!

A brand that knows that happy women are the most beautiful women

An upbeat brand that always sees the GOOD side of life

A brand that offers its customers specialised counselling, invests in ongoing training and takes special care of its Fans

A brand of addictive products with unforgettable fragrances, vibrant colours, irresistible textures and proven results

A brand that specialises in gifts, even if they are for yourself




We are never far away from you with 50 shops in Portugal and of course here online, just a smile away.


Stay with us always.

O Boticário

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