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Intense Superfix Matte And Shine Lipstick Duo 4ml + 4ml
We combined the elegance of a matte finish with the boldness of a shiny finish in one single lipstick: Intense Superfix Matte and Shine Lipstick Duo.
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With high coverage that lasts for up to 8 hours, Intense Superfix makes your makeup simpler and lets you decide the finish you want for your lipstick, either matte or super shiny lacquer. On one end of this duo you have a liquid lipstick in a vibrant colour and impeccable matte finish while on the other you have a transparent gloss that will give you a daring lacquer finish. 
Using this lipstick is as easy as can be! First, apply the liquid matte lipstick by drawing the contours of your lip using the applicator and then filling in the rest of your lips. For an incredibly super shiny lacquer finish, allow the matte lipstick to dry fully – it takes about 2 short minutes – and then apply the transparent gloss over the lipstick. It is essential that you wait those two minutes in order to keep your gloss applicator immaculate and without mixing in the lipstick. Simply remove the lipstick using a makeup remover.
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