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Price: 15,99
Lily Eau de Parfum Roll-on is an everyday companion for women who are striking and sophisticated but still want to nurture their romantic, dreamy side. A unique and unmistakable essence of lilies, for those who want to be unforgettable. It is the same elegant and rare Lily Eau de Parfum fragrance we know and love, but now in a convenient, compact 10 ml format you can carry with you wherever you go. The roll-on applicator keeps the product from spilling and makes it easy to apply. So you never have to do without the soft delicate fragrance of Lily.
Price: 15,99
Unique and unforgettable, My Lily combines sophistication and freshness in a unique and unforgettable way. Its green floral fragrance gives us the exclusive note of Narcissus Flower, enveloped by the freshness of green notes combined with the less than obvious fruity notes of mandarin and apricot.
Modern and fascinating, you'll be able to have My Lily on hand at all times, in this  10ml version. Practical and compact, carry it in your purse and always have your favourite fragrance on the go.
Price: 45,99
My Lily Eau de Parfum has the sophisticated fragrance of the exclusive green note of Narcissus, a flower that cannot be planted and grows spontaneously in the fields in France. It occurs naturally, without rehearsal, in real life. A striking flower for the woman who, with a feminine touch and freshness, exhales her unique elegance.
Combined with lily essential oil, the exclusive green note of Narcissus creates a fresh and modern fragrance, ideal for everyday use.
Price: 13,99
Feel your favourite fragrance even more present on a day-to-day basis. Lily Essence Perfumed Oil leaves your skin like satin and gently scented, in addition to being moisturised with humectant and emollient ingredients. Feel the delicious fragrance of Lily and moisturise your skin.
Price: 9,99
Highly hydrating, this hand cream will leave your hands soft and your cuticles nourished. Perfect to avoid dry hands, the My Lily Hydrating Hand Cream also leaves behind a delicious scent. Its fresh fragrance brings with it the combination of green and fruity notes, as well as the green note of Narcissus Flower.