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Terms and Conditions

1. Ownership of the domain www.oboticario.pt

The website www.oboticario.pt is registered under the "Regulation for the registration of .PT domains/subdomains. It is owned by the entity O Boticário - Tudo Azul SA, headquartered at Edifício Espace | Alameda dos Oceanos Nº59 | Floor 3 | Block C, in Lisbon, registered at the Lisbon Commercial Registry under the single registration and corporate number 501,740,430, with a share capital of €1,000,000

2. Object and scope

These General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Use apply to visitors to the website www.oboticario.pt and to any commercial transactions carried out through the O BOTICÁRIO Online virtual store available there.

Browsing the site, as well as purchasing any product on O BOTICÁRIO Online, implies acceptance of these General Conditions of Contract and Use by the User and the Customer.

BOTICÁRIO reserves the right to change these conditions of use and contracting without prior notice, any changes being published on the website www.oboticario.pt.

3. Content information

The website www.oboticario.pt is intended for private use only. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of the website www.oboticario.pt without prior written authorization is prohibited for purposes other than strictly personal use.

BOTICÁRIO reserves the right to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented on: products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services.

It is expressly prohibited to introduce links from our site for commercial purposes without the prior authorization of O BOTICÁRIO. Likewise, the use of the O BOTICÁRIO.pt domain for abusive purposes, and without prior authorization, may be subject to recourse to the competent legal means by O BOTICÁRIO. In the event that you find links on other sites that allow you to access www.oboticario.pt, we inform you that O BOTICÁRIO has no responsibility either for the origin of the page or for the contents inscribed therein.

We make every effort to ensure that the information presented is free from typographical errors and whenever they occur, we will correct them as soon as possible. In case the information presented does not correspond to the characteristics of the product, the Customer has the right to terminate the purchase and sale contract under the applicable legal terms.

The photographs presented on the site are merely illustrative. We recommend that you consult the detailed product for information about its characteristics.

Prices and product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Despite O BOTICÁRIO's efforts, some products may be priced incorrectly, so we check prices whenever we process orders. If the product price is lower than the advertised price, we will refund the difference. If the price is higher, we will inform the Customer by email and wait for the decision to accept the new proposal or cancel the order.

The O BOTICÁRIO.pt product catalog (virtual store) is independent of physical stores, both in terms of price and quantities in stock. All promotional campaigns have limited and exclusive stock for online marketing. In case of unavailability of the product and/or out of stock, you will be informed of the partial or total cancellation of your order with the right to a refund of the respective amount paid.

BOTICÁRIO is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any information, content, statements or expressions that appear in the texts of the articles sold on the website wwwoboticario.pt. The authorship of the content of the product descriptions is the responsibility of the editors, manufacturers and distributors of the articles in question.

All contractual information is written in Portuguese, as well as article information, email communications and sale formalization.

4. Intellectual and industrial property

All texts, comments, works, illustrations, works and images reproduced or represented on the website www.oboticario.pt are strictly reserved under the terms of copyright as well as intellectual property rights, for the whole world. Accordingly and under the terms of the Intellectual Property Code, use for private purposes is only authorized subject to contrary provisions, including more restrictive provisions contained in said code. Any reproduction or total or partial representation of the website www.oboticario.pt or of all or part of the elements included in it is strictly prohibited.

The corporate names, brands and distinctive signs reproduced on the website www.oboticario.pt are protected under the legal provisions applicable to industrial property. The reproduction or representation of all or part of any distinctive signs is strictly prohibited and must be subject to prior written authorization from the trademark owner. Certain products, such as computer programs (software), are subject to personal and specific usage rights that regulate copies, public broadcasts, rental. The Customer must comply with the general conditions of sale of these products and O BOTICÁRIO is not responsible for the use made of them in this scope.

5. Responsibilities

All products sold on O BOTICÁRIO Online comply with Portuguese legislation.

BOTICÁRIO declines any responsibility in case of violation of the legislation of the country where the order is delivered. It is up to the Customer to check with the local authorities the conditions of importation or use of the products that he intends to order.

BOTICÁRIO is not responsible for damages resulting from interference, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions or disconnections of the operating system that may temporarily prevent access, navigation or the provision of services to Users.

6. Obligations of Customers and Users

The Customer and the User must comply with these general conditions and respect them. In particular, they undertake to fulfill the following obligations:

1) It is prohibited to introduce, store or disseminate content that is defamatory, obscene, insulting, xenophobic and/or of any other nature that violates the general principles of law and public order;
2) Save, and not to disclose your password for entering the site in order to prevent third parties from accessing your account at O ​​BOTICÁRIO.pt;
3) Not using false identities;
4) Providing personal data and correct addresses in order to so that O BOTICÁRIO can process orders properly;

The Customer is responsible for the veracity of the data communicated to O BOTICÁRIO and undertakes to immediately insert any changes thereto in his O BOTICÁRIO Online Registration Account.

BOTICÁRIO declines any responsibility for any delay or impossibility of processing the order, namely in the act of delivery, resulting from error or insufficiency of the data communicated by the Customer.

The use of this site is subject to the conditions of use predefined by O BOTICÁRIO, as its sole and exclusive owner

It is therefore expressly forbidden for its users to transmit messages or information that is injurious, misleading, defamatory, obscene or that violates, in any way, the right to privacy or the intellectual or industrial property of third parties, as well as the provision of any information that could be harmful to third parties or to the website owner.

BOTICÁRIO reserves the right to delete the user account that materializes any of these situations.

7. Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

Get more information about the protection of personal data in our privacy policy through our page of Privacy Policy

8. Online ordering

To make purchases through the website www.oboticario.pt, it is necessary to register as a Customer by filling in the form available online. Once registered, simply insert all the items you wish to purchase into the virtual shopping cart. You must follow all the steps of the purchase so that it is successfully completed.

BOTICÁRIO informs that the prices charged on www.oboticario.pt are exclusive to the O BOTICÁRIO Online store and that they may vary from the prices in the O BOTICÁRIO physical stores. All promotional campaigns have a limited and exclusive stock for online marketing.

Validation of the purchase order assumes that the Customer has become aware of and accepts the General Conditions of Contract and Use of the website www.oboticario.pt. The data recorded by O BOTICÁRIO constitute proof of the set of transactions carried out between O BOTICÁRIO and the Customer. It is O BOTICÁRIO's responsibility to file the electronic document in which the contract is formalized and keep it accessible.

As soon as you complete your purchase, you will receive an automatic email confirming the transaction. If the data is not correct, you can immediately request its alteration, or even the cancellation of the purchase made.

9. Product availability

BOTICÁRIO only processes an order placed by a customer after confirmation of the respective payment, therefore, O BOTICÁRIO cannot guarantee the availability of the articles until the beginning of said processing. On the product sheet you will find the estimated date for dispatch: 24h. In addition to the estimated time for dispatch, the transport time depends on the carrier you choose and the destination of your order.

BOTICÁRIO only ships on business days. In this way, neither weekends nor holidays are taken into account for the estimated delivery of orders.

In any case, estimated delivery dates are merely indicative. If there is any good ordered, O BOTICÁRIO may choose to: (i) contact the supplier inquiring about the possibility of replacing the missing article, contacting the customer if the delivery deadline or the price of the article changes, and the order only will proceed after consent given by the customer; or (ii) cancel the order by refunding the customer of all amounts paid.

Any delay verified in the shipment of articles, in relation to the estimated dates presented, does not confer the right to compensation.

10. Shipping costs

Shipping to Portugal and Spain - €3.75 Shipping to other European Union countries - €7.95

11. Cancellations, exchanges and returns

Applicable to purchases made at www.oboticario.pt. The Customer may cancel his order at any time until its delivery, with the right to a refund of all amounts paid.Upon receipt of the order by the Customer, he may exercise his right of free resolution in the legally foreseen terms and indicated below

Failure to pay the order within 72 hours after the date on which it was placed implies the automatic cancellation of the order.

O BOTICÁRIO Online's product catalog is independent of physical stores, both in terms of price and quantities in stock. All promotional campaigns have limited and exclusive stock for online marketing. In case of unavailability of the product and/or out of stock, you will be informed of the partial or total cancellation of your order with the right to a refund of the amount paid.

Despite the efforts of O BOTICÁRIO, some products may be priced incorrectly, so we check prices whenever we process orders. If the product price is lower than the advertised price, we will refund the difference. If the price is higher, BOTICÁRIO Portugal will present a new contractual proposal with the price duly corrected, awaiting confirmation or cancellation of the order. Pursuant to the provisions of Law 7/2004 of 7 January, relating to electronic commerce, O BOTICÁRIO reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the order whenever there is a programming error, malfunction of O BOTICÁRIO Portugal computers or the contractual proposal arrives deformed at its destination and that the error affects an essential element of the contract.

CANCELLATION OF ORDERS WITH CREDIT CARD: In the case of orders paid using credit, the credit agreement is automatically and simultaneously considered terminated, without the right to compensation (article 8 of DL 143/2001, of 26 of April with the wording given by DL 82/2008, of 20 May).

Within the scope of its Customer Satisfaction Policy, and under the applicable legal terms, BOTICÁRIO allows the exchange or return (contract termination) of articles, within 30 days from the date of receipt by the Customer, without payment of compensation and without the need to state the reason.

To do so, the Customer must contact Customer Support (oboticario.pt or by calling 937-670-002). Items must be returned within 30 days of receipt, accompanied by the purchase receipt or original invoice (article 6 of DL 143/2001, of 26 April with the wording given by DL 82/2008, of 20 May).

If you wish to exchange or return items, you must contact Customer Support (oboticario.pt or by calling 937-670-002), which will provide you with all the information about the exchange/return process. Under no circumstances send the articles without prior contact as they will not be received.

The return and exchange of items must respect the following conditions:

  • •Restitution of items in good condition, with complete original packaging and accompanied by the respective invoice;

After contacting BOTICÁRIO.pt Customer Support. and you are given the return instructions, you can send us the item properly packaged, with original packaging, to the following address:

  • •Customer Support O BOTICÁRIO.pt
  • •Espace Building | Alameda dos Oceanos Nº59 | 3rd Floor | Block C
  • •1990-207 Parque das Nações

All items will be checked upon arrival at our service and only those that comply with the return conditions will be accepted for exchange or return.

If you choose to return the amount, we inform you that:

  • •Refunds are made by the same means of payment or by e-tanto virtual gift card, in accordance with the wishes of the Customer.In the case of payment by Multibanco, we ask you to provide us with a NIB so that we can make the return faster
  • •In the event that you have received items that are damaged or have technical problems, O BOTICÁRIO will schedule their collection at the place you indicate, in the same shipping area as the original order, without any charges for the Customer.
  • •Returns will only be made after checking the status of the product.

BOTICÁRIO reserves the right not to accept articles that do not meet these conditions.

12. Applicable Law

All purchases made on the website www.oboticario.pt are subject to Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of the General Conditions of Contract and Use will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court

If our client is located outside mainland Portugal, we inform you that any legal process must be referred to the Portuguese Courts.

These General Conditions of Contract and Use were updated on March 25, 2013

13. Use of cookies by O Boticário

Get more details about the use of cookies through our page of Security and Confidentiality